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Therapy for Individuals, Couples & Families

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Let's tackle your struggles with:




Individual Therapy

Life is complicated.  But the goal of individual therapy is clear and simple:  to improve the quality of your life in a meaningful way. 

 It starts with you.


Individual therapy provides you with an opportunity to put yourself first.   When your heart and your head are in a good place - you bring a stronger, happier, healthier you into all of your relationships!

Couples Therapy

Does your relationship feel broken?Whether you are dealing with an immediate crisis, a chronic issue -  or something in between - there is HOPE!  


Don't worry!  Couples therapy isn’t about placing blame.  It's about creating a safe space to sort through the issues, repair bonds and strengthen relationships.  It requires vulnerability, committment and hard work.  But the potential payoff for your effort is a happy, healthy, fulfilling relationship that is better equipped to stand the test of time.  


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Family Therapy

Family therapy can involve any combination of family members, such as parents/guardians and their children, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, kinship caregivers, etc.  It focuses on the improvement of relationships of those present in therapy.

Common topics in family therapy include:

  • Relationship conflicts, such as parent-child conflict or sibling conflict.

  • Developing healthy, equitable & cooperative household routines 

  • Adjusting to a new life change (birth of a baby, illness, moving, employment/financial, re-marriage/blending families, etc.)

  • Changes and challenges that come with aging

  • Death and grief


Telehealth/Online Therapy

Both individual and couple therapy clients have the option to meet virtually. When you book your appointment you will have the ability to indicate your preference for an in-person or on-line appointment.  This option is only available for clients located in North Carolina.

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