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I'm Kim and I'm here to help. 

I get it.  You are hurting, frustrated, worried,

or maybe - just plain stuck.  You've been

putting off going to therapy for awhile now

because the whole thing seems so over-whelming.  

You are looking for someone with experience who really "gets" you, who will offer a combination of hope, compassion, insight and straight-forward feedback. You need help figuring out what you want, what you need and how to get there.

I'm not a "sit back and nod" kind of therapist. Rather, I'm a "roll up my sleeves and get to work kind of therapist.  Our work together will be goal-oriented, which means it will have purpose. We will monitor our progress (making adjustments, as needed) to ensure we are getting you closer to the life you want.  I aspire to be your holder of hope and guide toward healing and happiness.

I describe my approach to therapy as integrative. That means that I use techniques from a variety of evidenced-based approaches to tailor therapy to meet your particular needs. I teach practical tools for you to take into the real world to better manage your emotions and improve your relationships.


A little background...


I've been in the business of helping for 20+ years. I guess you could say that helping is what "floats my boat" - it's where I find purpose in my life. After working several years in public education as a counselor, I returned to school for my degree in marriage and family therapy.  


Marriage and family therapists are considered relationship specialists - and that's why I wanted to become one!   After all, our lives are FULL of them! 


Central to all of the relationships we have in our lives is the one we have with ourselves.  It's critical because it is the foundation on which all of our other relationships are built.  In addition to ourselves, we have relationships with romantic partners, children, extended family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.  They provide our lives with a dichotomy of emotions - fulfillment at one end of the spectrum and angst on the other - with a zillion in between!  It's NO WONDER we could use a little help from time to time! 


Why focus on work with couples?


The simple truth is, I LOVE love.  I'm a sappy, hopeless romantic who believes that there is NOTHING that two willing hearts can't do or overcome.  In therapy we will tackle your issues together. Your job is to steer the boat and my job is to get in the boat and help paddle.  During the process, if the destination happens to change - we adjust the paddling to support that. 

In summary, if your HOPE is wavering, you are open to HEALING and long for HAPPINESS, I'm glad you're here.

When you decide the time is right to start, I'll be standing by.

Because, after all...possibilities await.


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